Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CEDO 555 - Week 1: Under Construction

I can see that it's time to get down and dirty. 
Now our real work begins as we put together our portfolio and have to justify ourselves.

Looking now at what we have to do for this portfolio I've a few thoughts about the MEIT program itself. I don't think we have been adequately prepared to complete our portfolio as best as we could.

I think in the very first course, Succeeding in Online Learning, we should have had a better overview of what we will be doing throughout the program. We should have covered Standards as well as a summary of our portfolios and how the Standards are going to fit into it.

I think in the next couple of courses, we should have spent a little time choosing which Standards we would like to focus on throughout the rest of the program.

If we had known ahead of time that we needed to work on projects that addressed certain standards, we could have planned accordingly as we were doing our projects and work. This would have affected a lot of things. In our portfolio we choose a standard, we have a vision and mission and in essence, will be documenting what we want to become. Having foreknowledge of all of this, I perhaps would have chosen to do some things differently. I would have focused more.

As it stands now, I for one, may struggle a little bit putting together Artifacts for my standards. This may be true to some extent for Artifacts for each course. I perhaps would have geared more projects and work towards what my chosen standard was as well so as to document my expertise within that standard.



  1. I completely concur that foreknowledge would have been helpful, but I wonder if that early in the program, I would have known enough to use the advantage. I vaguely recall spending about five minutes several months ago in class having one of our instructors, possibly Louis, mentioning that we should start organizing our best work form each class for some murky future. Without follow-up and little direction, that never happened. However, I think that given that the story arc of this class has been known since long before we enrolled, I think that separating artifacts out for the portfolio and aligning them for standards could have been addressed throughout and added to the last week of ever class. Now it feels like I have been procrastinating.

  2. Well said, Curtis. I agree with everything you said. Having some sort of focus and purpose for some of the projects/tasks that I struggled with (because of a lack of where they would fit in my classroom) could have been helped a lot. I also felt like I wasted a significant chunk of time thinking about what course I needed to go back to to find an artifact and/or simply remembering all the things that we have created and worked with. Not the most efficient or productive way to do something, but I am sure we will all survive.

  3. Another thing that is bothering me is the timing of this class. The timing of our weeks off, etc. is clearly geared towards educators and their school schedule yet when we have to do a major "project" we will all have no students to implement our project with. Interesting timing.